Capital Creation 2020

23 - 25 September, 2020


44 (0) 207 368 9854


"Capital Creation is THE place to connect with the private equity industry and to discuss relevant topics in an unbeatable environment with a great atmosphere. It’s the perfect way to re-engage after the summer months."
Christiaan de Lint, Partner, Headway Capital Partners
"I like that you meet a lot of GPs, LPs and other network partners while at the same time being at an event that is not outsized. So you actually meet whom you want to meet and it is not a zoo."
Erik Kaas, Co-Head of Investment Solutions, Partners Group
"It is a high quality conference without being mammoth size; it seems to attract a higher proportion of the real players and fewer of the hangers-on"
Hans van Swaay, Partner, Lyrique
"Networking is essential in our industry and CapCre offers an ideal format for that purpose in terms of size, location and timing."
Francois Aguerre, Investment Principal, Coller Capital
"Capital Creation combines information sharing with a collegial, yet professional atmosphere that is rare among private equity conferences these days. It has a wonderful European atmosphere."
John Hess, CEO, Altius Associates
"Events like Capital Creation are an essential means of assessing the case for private equity, and have never been more important than this year. With its intimate environment and size, the conference promotes real interaction between audience and speakers – the level of debate and analysis offers the chance to really dig deep into to the key challenges the industry faces and see how others are approaching these issues successfully."
Vince O' Brien, Director, Montagu
"It is an exceptional venue to meet LP peers and GPs looking for funds. Saves me a lot of travelling!"
Anselm Adams, Director, PECA Limited
"The topics are contemporary and relevant for all those looking to get a clearer sense of the parameters that will define the new era the private equity industry is entering."
Armando D'Amico, Managing Partner, Acanthus Advisers
"Capital Creation brings together leading private equity individuals and gives us a great opportunity to meet with them. The sessions are well thought out and lead to high quality debate and insight."
Simon Hamilton, Head of Growth Opportunities, Investec
"Capital Creation offers a unique confluence of LPs, GPs and industry opinion formers in an environment where innovation is nurtured and encouraged. Commentary is incisive and relevant. There is stimulating dialogue. This allows us to be creative, taking private equity to the next level."
David Smith, Co-Head of Co-Investments, Capital Dynamics
"Capital Creation is focussed on getting the best on private equity from the best of private equity"
Jon Moulton, Chairman, Better Capital
"Much closer networking environment than any other conference I've been to."
Marc der Kinderen, Managing Partner, 747 Capital LLC
"I love it and will continue to attend"
Peter Mckellar, Chief Investment Officer, SL Capital Partners
"Capital Creation is a great occasion for a very open discussion of industry issues."
Jon Moulton, Managing Partner, Alchemy Partners
"Those interested in making and developing contacts...should attend."
Robert Mason, Private Equity Investments, Lord North Street
"Good content, great networking and an unbeatable atmosphere – a must go!"
Christiaan de Lint, Partner, Headway Capital Partners
"A most enjoyable European conference with a good mixture of limited and general partners."
John A. Hess, Chief Executive Officer, Altius Associates
"Capital Creation is a more intimate forum than the other private equity forums..
Lorenzo Lorenzotti, Managing Director, Altium Capital
"...a gathering of high quality talent in great surroundings."
Jon Moulton, Managing Partner, Alchemy Partners
"...a “must attend” event on the conference calendar."
Vince O’Brien, Director, Montagu Private Equity
"...quality networking in a top environment!"
Christiaan De Lint, Partner, Headway Capital
"I'm looking forward to...fresh perspectives at Capital Creation."
Simon Havers, Managing Director, Baird Capital Partners Europe
"...valuable discussions around challenging topics..
Martin Källström, Senior Portfolio Manager, AP1
"The quality of the speakers and participants make it one of the most productive events..
Richard Green, Chairman, August Private Equity
"...always offers great networking opportunities and a chance to catch up with...private equity colleagues..
Rhonda Ryan, Head of Private Equity Funds Group, AIG Investments
"...a very important forum for meeting peers and making new contacts..
Dr. Matthias Unser, CFA, Partner, Sal. Oppenheim Private Equity Partners GmbH